I am gathering here all relevant references about our work here on HbbTV, the Home Network, usage of second/third screens, communicating widgets, etc.


HbbTV, Hybrid Broadband Broadcast TV, ETSI TS 102 796

The HbbTV Consortium web site

W3C Web and TV Interest Group, working on requirement and use cases for Web and TV convergence within the home network: wiki with in particular home network discussions

openHbb, French national project on implementing HbbTV, players, authoring tools and extensions, commercial and open source.


J. C. Dufourd, Requirements for Web and TV convergence, Second W3C Web and TV Workshop, Berlin, January 2011 [PDF]. Presentation: PPT

C. Concolato, J. C. Dufourd, J. Le Feuvre, K. Park and J. Song, Communicating and migratable interactive multimedia documents, Multimedia Tools and Applications, May 2011 [PDF].

J. C. Dufourd, C. Concolato and J. Le Feuvre, SVG Communicating Widgets, SVG Open, Mountain View, CA, USA, October 2009 [PDF].

C. Concolato, J. Le Feuvre and J. C. Dufourd, Declarative Interfaces for Dynamic Widgets Communications, Document Engineering, Munich, Germany, September 2009, pp. 241-244 [PDF].

J. Le Feuvre, C. Concolato and J. C. Dufourd, Widgets Mobility, International Conference on Mobile Technology, Applications and Systems, Nice, France, September 2009 [PDF].

Blog entries and videos

The Widgets Project

Video 1: presentation for the “gui” widget manager

Video 2: presentation of the “iphone” widget manager

Video 3: presentation of widgets localization (a W3C widget feature)

Video 4: presentation of the “tv” widget manager

Video 5: presentation of discovery and communication between widgets within a widget manager

Video 6: presentation of widget migration

Video 7: presentation of discovery and communication between widget and native app, or between widgets running in separate players.

To reproduce these demos on your machine, please read this post.


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