This is the page for the widgets project @ Telecom ParisTech / Signal and Image Processing Department / Multimedia Group. This page is maintained by Jean-Claude Dufourd, but features the work of all the team.

The team is working on W3C Widgets (P&C and Interface) with added discovery, communication and migration as defined in MPEG-U, with UPnP as the underlying discovery and service protocol. The implementation is based on the GPAC open source player.

In ubiquitous computing environments, new interactive multimedia applications need to be mobile, device independent, distributed across devices and to leverage existing services in the environment. Multimedia documents, when combined with scripting technologies, can represent complex interactive multimedia applications. However, they cannot yet be used for the creation of migratable, distributed applications in dynamic environments. We have created a framework for interactive multimedia documents, which enables the communication of documents with a changing environment, the mobility of documents and the distribution of communicating document components in this environment. This framework uses an original approach which describes communication processing outside of the document. This framework is based on an abstraction model for dynamic network services; the definition of a binding description language that describes how to connect network processing with document processing; and on associated script programming interfaces.


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Video 1: presentation for the “gui” widget manager

Video 2: presentation of the “iphone” widget manager

Video 3: presentation of widgets localization (a W3C widget feature)

Video 4: presentation of the “tv” widget manager

Video 5: presentation of discovery and communication between widgets within a widget manager

Video 6: presentation of widget migration

Video 7: presentation of discovery and communication between widget and native app, or between widgets running in separate players.

To reproduce these demos on your machine, please read this post.

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