To reproduce the demos shown in the videos, you need a working version of the GPAC player: get the most recent installer for Windows, MacOSX or Windows Mobile here. For another system, please download and compile sources. If you compile GPAC yourself, please make sure that modules platinum and widgetman are included in the build.

Then please load and uncompress this file and this file in a directory.

In that directory, run (on Windows):

MP4Client.exe gui\iphone_wm_gui.svg

Make sure you have MP4Client.exe on your path. Click on “scan”. Navigate to the current directory, then “widgets”, then click on 

The icons of available widgets appear.

On a Mac, you need to do something like:

/Applications/ ~/test/gui/iphone_wm_gui.svg

if “~/test” is your current directory.

If you have two machines in the same local network (not Wifi, since Wifi stations often filter UPnP broadcasts), you can run two GPAC players on two machines. Otherwise, just open two terminals, and run two instances of the player in the two terminals.

UPnP discovery may take a few seconds to a minute to happen.

The command line ends with the name of the widget manager you want to execute:

  • iphone_wm_gui.svg for the “iphone” widget manager
  • tv_wm_gui.svg for the “tv” widget manager
  • mpegu-wm.xmt for the “gui” widget manager

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